Weekly Summary - No. 6

Honey, clean the extra bedroom! Space guests are coming. Astronauts on the International Space Station conducted a space walk recently to install a new docking port for commercial guests. I guess you could say that AirBnB has now reached the heavens. A friend of mine recently purchased a ride to... [Read More]

Weekly Summary - No. 5

Deep Serengeti: Deep Mind has partnered with a leading zoologist, Dr. Meredith Palmer, to build an AI model for recognizing Tanzanian wildlife and other activities in the Serengeti plains. Researchers trained a model from the Snapshot Serengeti image dataset available on Zooniverse, a platform for citizen science. Details will be... [Read More]

Weekly Summary - No. 4

China’s Hottest Grandpa: Wang Deshun is China’s latest and oldest model at 80. He started lifting weights at 50. Fifteen years later he started riding horses. Seeking something a bit faster, he shifted to motorcycles at 78. “How [should] we live our lives as we get older?” he quips. “However... [Read More]