Weekly Summary - No. 5

Deep Serengeti: Deep Mind has partnered with a leading zoologist, Dr. Meredith Palmer, to build an AI model for recognizing Tanzanian wildlife and other activities in the Serengeti plains. Researchers trained a model from the Snapshot Serengeti image dataset available on Zooniverse, a platform for citizen science. Details will be... [Read More]

Weekly Summary - No. 4

China’s Hottest Grandpa: Wang Deshun is China’s latest and oldest model at 80. He started lifting weights at 50. Fifteen years later he started riding horses. Seeking something a bit faster, he shifted to motorcycles at 78. “How [should] we live our lives as we get older?” he quips. “However... [Read More]

Weekly Summary - No. 3

Two years ago Quoc Le of Google Brain conceived of “AutoML,” where he used AI to design the neural networks of other AIs. The results were impressive, with AIs beating the hand-built networks of top research teams. DeepMind entered the fray this past week, applying sophisticated techniques that mimic evolution... [Read More]