Half a century after the first moon landing, NASA plans to go back to space and explore Mars. This time it’s getting a boost from Silicon Valley tech companies. Scott Budman reports.

I tried to land soundbites of “AI helps you make smarter, faster decisions” and “NASA, a pioneer in space, and Google and Intel, pioneers in technology, have come together today.” That sure sounded good to our team. Scott Budman grabs my “Where’s Waldo?” quote about how NASA scientsts were using Google AI to match local pictures to a moon map, localizing astronauts. haha. Happens.

Two years ago a close friend introduced me to Sara and James of NASA’s Frontier Development Lab. That initial meeting has grown into a close sponsorship between Google and NASA FDL, an early beachhead that’s helping us grow our Google Space initiative. I’m forever thankful for Google’s marketing team, AI for Good, Intel, Nvidia, and so many others that continue to sponsor this wonderful program.