Hello, p5.

I’d like to add code to this site. I’ve been playing with p5.js lately, a javascript implementation of Processing. Or, as I like to call it, “computer science for poets.” P5 lets creative minds use computer software as a paintbrush, generating art that combines the best of humans and machines.... [Read More]

White Collar Robots at UI Path

Google Ventures recently invested in UI Path, a partner of Google Cloud. We’re super excited about the potential of robotic process automation. UI Path leaders made a simple insight. As humans, we often sit in front of a screen (pixels). We then choose actions to affect an outcome (typing, the... [Read More]

AI's One Percent Problem

Harry McCracken and I had a chance to chat about the “2018 AI War” for talent. Harry keyed into statements I made about the demand for talent in his Fast Company article. We all see this imbalance between demand for AI and the number of people who have the necessary... [Read More]

Stanford's AI in Real Life

Karen Matthys of Stanford’s Institute for Computational Mathematics and Engineering (ICME) and I had an idea. We wanted to host a neutral forum where government, industry and academia could come together to discuss issues in deploying AI in real life scenarios. Thanks to some funding from Google, we put together... [Read More]

Pixels in, Joysticks Out

We sponsored Charle Muirhead’s inaugural Cognition-X or CogX conference in London, July 2018. CogX did a terrific job, packing the venue with 7000 attendees talking about a wide variety of subjects, from GPU accelerators, to AI ethics, to AI in the cloud, to blockchain, and more. I gave a talk... [Read More]