ObervableHQ Breakout

Here’s a demonstration of what Mike Bostock calls embeddable Observable notebooks. Game code is pulled live from a larger, more comprehensive notebook seen here with the original notebook source. [Read More]

p5 Breakout

OK, I have p5 running. Let’s see if I can add some interactivity! I Googled and found a hacky inplementation of Atari Breakout in processing. I ported it – and all of its global variables and complete lack of good coding practive, but I digress – and got it running... [Read More]

Hello, p5.

I’d like to add code to this site. I’ve been playing with p5.js lately, a javascript implementation of Processing. Or, as I like to call it, “computer science for poets.” P5 lets creative minds use computer software as a paintbrush, generating art that combines the best of humans and machines.... [Read More]

White Collar Robots at UI Path

Google Ventures recently invested in UI Path, a partner of Google Cloud. We’re super excited about the potential of robotic process automation. UI Path leaders made a simple insight. As humans, we often sit in front of a screen (pixels). We then choose actions to affect an outcome (typing, the... [Read More]