I’d like to add code to this site. I’ve been playing with p5.js lately, a javascript implementation of Processing. Or, as I like to call it, “computer science for poets.” P5 lets creative minds use computer software as a paintbrush, generating art that combines the best of humans and machines.

I yanked one of the simple demo’s for p5 and wondered if I could get it working with the github.io website framework. Using the p5.js library, you can now spin through 16,277,216 colors with your mouse in this simple, modernist abstract art.

The ability to influence 16,277,216 colors gives users an amazing freedom. Simultaneous contrast – without which it would be impossible to perceive colors – is illustrated here by juxtaposing a number of color combinations. Our perception of color is affected by colors near it.

Place your mouse over the red rectangle. Moving left or right controls the size of the color field. Moving up and down shifts the hue.