AI's One Percent Problem

Harry McCracken and I had a chance to chat about the “2018 AI War” for talent. Harry keyed into statements I made about the demand for talent in his Fast Company article. We all see this imbalance between demand for AI and the number of people who have the necessary... [Read More]

Stanford's AI in Real Life

Karen Matthys of Stanford’s Institute for Computational Mathematics and Engineering (ICME) and I had an idea. We wanted to host a neutral forum where government, industry and academia could come together to discuss issues in deploying AI in real life scenarios. Thanks to some funding from Google, we put together... [Read More]

Pixels in, Joysticks Out

We sponsored Charle Muirhead’s inaugural Cognition-X or CogX conference in London, July 2018. CogX did a terrific job, packing the venue with 7000 attendees talking about a wide variety of subjects, from GPU accelerators, to AI ethics, to AI in the cloud, to blockchain, and more. I gave a talk... [Read More]

Accelerate Alberta Keynote

Canada holds a special place in my heart. This nation invested in artificial neural network research when it was largely discredited (or at least ignored) by the mainstream AI research community. Two decades later, their support produced the most of the world’s leading thinkers who solved some of the hardest... [Read More]