Karen Matthys of Stanford’s Institute for Computational Mathematics and Engineering (ICME) and I had an idea. We wanted to host a neutral forum where government, industry and academia could come together to discuss issues in deploying AI in real life scenarios. Thanks to some funding from Google, we put together our inaugural speaker series as a graduate level course. Students and visitors packed the auditorium! We were delighted with the outcome, as well as the incredible speakers.

Here’s the blurb we used to advertise the series:

This new series of seminars, called “AI in Real Life,” features leaders from industry and academia sharing insights into the world of artificial intelligence. Each week, speakers from a range of industries:

  • Explore exciting advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning and separate the hype from reality.
  • Showcase real-world AI applications that are being used to solve problems, make discoveries and change the world.
  • Discuss challenges around ethics, privacy and bias and potential unintended consequences of this technological transformation.
  • Highlight how AI is changing fields like medicine, law, education, business, entertainment, etc. and affecting the people who work in them.
  • Illustrate the types of skill sets and knowledge students should acquire to successfully implement AI solutions in their fields.

These experts and influencers who are shaping our AI future share their vision and address audience questions. Students of all academic backgrounds and interests are encouraged to register for this 1-unit course (CME 500). No prerequisites required. Register early. The series is open to Stanford faculty, staff, and ICME partners, space permitting.