Fordham Fintech

Fordam University is located a few miles from Google NYC, a rising voice in applying computer science to business and finance. An undergraduate student contacted me on LinkedIn and wondered if I’d stop by and deliver a keynote on applying AI to the world of fintech. [Read More]

Razorfish Summit

Moments after I joined Google Cloud, friends at Razorfish invited me to stop by their annual Technology Summit. I couldn’t pass it up, the chance to talk with so many creative, technically minded professionals who were leading the development of top websites, advertising campaigns and apps! [Read More]

The Wonder of Learning Machines

The Canadian Government invited PwC to talk about technology’s impact on governments in late November, 2016, about a month before I joined Google. I was thrilled to share with the audience my own fascination with how computers could learn directly from data, without being “programmed” by humans. I used to... [Read More]

Why Google Security Rocks

While at PwC, I was part of a team lobbying for the 140-year-old financial services firm to embrace the public cloud. That was heresy! The CIO at the time thought that cloud was illegal in certain parts of the world, particularly Germany. He wasn’t alone. The Snowden leaks had just... [Read More]

Heavy on Cloud

Way back in 2008 some investors wanted to build a business video platform in New York City. The idea was to host videos that could be embedded in other websites, then sell a “wrapper” for branding around the content. Think, a commercial YouTube. Edgy content like MTV, Jack Ass and... [Read More]