Weekly Summary - No. 2

An MIT/IBM AI team trained a GAN on 45,000 portraits to turn your face into impressionist art. I’m excited by the introduction of neural networks into arts, culture and humanities. Software will soon be everywhere, in all disciplines. Last week McKinsey called out software as the top growth industry. No... [Read More]

Weekly Summary - No. 1

Researchers have created a “Google Map of the Brain” for a worm smaller than a grain of rice. This map gives us powerful insights into how our brains are wired, much like how we wire up artificial deep neural networks. The human genome project started with this little guy back... [Read More]

AI at Google (for NASA FDL)

I recently gave a talk at NVidia’s beautiful headquarters to a roomful of scientists. My goal was to talk about what motivates us at work, and get the teams excited about using some of the very same tools and techniques we use daily in our AI research. [Read More]

AI's Impact on Society (Bloomberg Live)

Here’s a video from my panel participation on “Bracing for Impact: AI’s Impact on Society” in London, May, 2019. My favorite tweet from the panel occurred after they asked me what I thought about face recognition AI. Just don’t do it, folks, until we figure out how to use the... [Read More]

Applied AI in the Cloud

Google.org invited me to talk about the story behind Applied AI in the cloud, as part of the kickoff program for the 2019 AI for Good award recipients. The week long program occurred during the first week of June, 2019 near Google’s San Francisco Office. [Read More]